so much to buy

So I'm planning to get a loan to make the last (yeah right) round of purchases for my studio stuff. If all goes according to plan, I will have spent about $12,000 total on this. Fuck that's a lot of money. Right now, I've idenitified everything I want to get with the loan, and have priced out just about everything...just waiting on a call back about one software package. Then its off to the bank to sign my life away. But damn, I'm gonna have the most crucial setup around. OmniTone's level of rocking out will increase by orders of magnitude. It's gonna hurt making monthly payments on the loan, but it takes money to make money, and this will put me over the top in terms of what I am able to do in the studio. I can't wait...
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OK haven't updated in forever and a day. No point on trying to catch anybody up, since if you're reading this, you know what i've been up to.

Instead I want to share some thoughts I have had recently about the world.

First, if you have seen or are planning on seeing Fahranheit 9/11, please read this article:

Second...on the issue of the terrorists beheading civilians...Maybe I'm just becoming too much of a hawk, maybe it's a good thing I'm not in charge over there, but here is how I would respond to the terrorists taking civilians hostage: When they announce that they are going to behead whoever unless we release so and so and leave the holy land, my response would be, "Release the hostage(s) unharmed within 30 minutes, or we execute every terrorist we have in custody." We'll finish asking them any questions we have, and then we'll kill them. So not only do they not get what the want (as usual, since we don't negotiate with terrorists), they get the opposite of what they want (they get their people killed).

Next, on the issue of North Korea...we really need to stop sending portly old men to negotiate. Westerners are bigger than asians typically, so lets use that to our advantage. Both Korea's do that be a soldier on the demilitarized zone on either side, i think the minimum height requirement is 6 feet. So we send some strapping young men to make our position clear, and that position is this: "You want assurances that we will not attack if you dismantle your nuclear program? How about an assurance that we will attack if you don't. You may already have a few nukes. You may even have a missle system that can hit something other than the Sea of Japan. But we've got more nukes, bigger nukes, and better delivery systems. We can launch a nuclear warhead up your ass from the other side of the world. There is no negotiating. You dismantle your program, and you live. We'll even give you humanitarian aid. If you don't dismantle your program, you die. Simple as that."

Finally, I want to close with a story about Napolean. When he was a cannon commander in Paris, there was at one point an order for the cannoneers to stop riots. Most of the commanders couldn't bear to bring themselves to fire on fellow Parisians, so they loaded with powder, no BALLS. Napolean saw the folly in this. He fired live ammo at the mob when they attacked his position. The other commanders thought he was cruel for doing this. As it turns out, there were fewer casualties at Napoleans station than anywhere else. The people quickly realized that he was in fact firing live rounds at them, so they retreated from his position. As for the other commanders, the mob realized after the first few shots, that they weren't really being fired upon. The mobs charged. Now the commanders were in a posistion where they had to use live ammunition. But in the commotion, the mobs thought it was just more blanks. It was a slaughter.

Draw your own conclusion.

what's sleep?

Been a crazy week so far. Don't even really know what day it is, as all concept of sleep, light, and darkness have long since been discarded. I'm surviving solely on coca cola and scotch (no, not mixed).

Was all excited on saturday about finishing mastering that project. I made a copy to bring home and show my family. I listened to it in the car, and if I could have made a quick turnaround, I would have gone right back to my apartment. I mean, DAMN it sounded AWFUL. I couldn't believe the stupid mistakes I had made with the mix and the mastering. The vocals were completely out of balance with the guitars, and there were parts that actually hurt my ears. I called up Johnny Rockstar right away and told him that I was gonna redo the whole thing. Remix and remaster. This was Saturday night, I was already on my way home, and wouldn't be back in front of my gear until Sunday night. We had already overnighted the masters to the client, and they were going out on monday for duplication. I didn't care. I would drive to New Jersey to hand deliver the new masters if I had to. Worked the night Sunday night, got to bed at 6 AM on monday morning. Sounds pretty damn good if you ask me. I can actually listen to it and enjoy it now (and I've actually been listening to it a lot since). The client got the masters today (USPS overnight is a lot cheaper thand UPS, thank goodness). She liked the old one a lot, so I know she'll love these. Learned a hell of a lot doing all this though.

Got to hang out with Johnny and Jami last night down at OmniTone. It was good times. We tracked some guitar for my thesis project, and man it sounded good. Antiphonal choirs of electric guitars is always fun. Especially when you have a collection of some of the finest electric guitars ever made and an absolutely incredible guitar amp. Johnny was living up to the name Rockstar. You could see how much he was enjoying the music and playing the guitar, and it really came through in the mix. There should be a law that everything should sound this good.

Johnny's made some new friends, looks like we're gonna have some new people to hang out with and we're gonna buy some gear off them as well. It also looks like some business might be coming in soon. Damn school getting in the way!!!!!

Aberlour 15 year old single malt scotch is calling my name.

...over and out...
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zee germans

finally finished mastering that project that I was working on for OmniTone. Turned out pretty well, mad props go to Johnny Rockstar for doing an awesome job tracking it and tone freaking on the mix (just kidding Johnny). Worked on it all night, went to bed at 6 something this morning.

Partially blind right now from swimming...I really, really need to get goggles. Everything is blurry.

Despite the blurry vision, went out and saw Girl Next Door. It was pretty funny. Much better than I expected it to be. And it had my favorite asian, Sung Hi Lee. I was walking to my car with on of my fraternity brothers after the movie. He asked me how I got there, and I replied that I had hitchhiked. Some girls walking next to us started giggling, so he took the ball and ran with it. He started going off about how nobody would pick me up cuz I'm creepy. Well one of the girls said "I am from Germany, and I would pick him up." She then turns to her friends and translates, and they all giggle some more.

Moral of the story...German chicks dig creepy guys.
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I hate subject lines. And titles. I hate coming up with titles for my own work, yet I hate "untitled number whatever" even more. It's almost 5:30 AM, and I've written way too much for my creative writing assignment. I'll have to edit it down before class tomorrow (today).

SampleTank is awesome. Though I will admit, I was a little disappointed. SampleTank sounds great, but in order to get the awesome sounds I heard in the demos, I'm gonna have to do some tweaking. Which means I'm gonna have to learn ANOTHER synthesis engine. But damn, there's a lot of potential there. Also, I'm gonna need more RAM, because samples eat RAM like candy.

All in all it was a good day. Got plenty to keep me busy tomorrow (today)

This is 308, signing off...
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Stupid daylight savings time....

Overslept, so now I'm in damage control mode. Gonna go to church, then take some measurements in my room to figure out how much lumber I need to build speaker shelves. I really really really don't want to do that, but I need some way of monitoring audio over speakers. It's something I've been meaning to build for over a year now, but I've always been able to get by without it. So now, I actually need to do it, and it's gonna get torn down in just a few weeks when I move out. Oh well.
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so much to do...

sorority social tonight...i know i know...poor me. tomorrw's gonna be hell.

Need to write a paper in the morning, then go swimming, then go to a preconcert lecture, then the actual concert, pick out music for church, then church, then hopefully get to home depot to buy some lumber to build shelves, fraternity stuff, then build shelves.

At least sampletank comes in on monday!

hell yeah

SampleTank 2 XL is on the way...should be here on Monday! I can't wait. I will finally be able to create the biggest pipe organ in the universe (other than my pipe organ of course)!

You know you drink to much when you're sober by the time you finish drinking a bucket of alcohol. Next time I'm getting the bucket of long island iced tea.

What else has been going on? A potentially huge client may or may not have fallen into my lap...keeping my fingers crossed.

Status of my thesis...unchanged. Gonna work on that later today.

Now it's time to go swimming.
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